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Certified american Grass-fed beef


What is “certified” American Grass-fed?


What does it mean to be "American Grass-Fed Certified"?  The American Grass-fed Association standards require that ruminant animals are fed 100% forage diet from weaning to harvest, live their lives on pasture with no feedlot confinement, are not administered  antibiotics or hormones and are born and raised on U.S. family farms. Does your "grass-fed" meat carry the AGA seal of approval?

Labeling meat grass-fed beef without standards is basically the standard of many meats available at the grocery markets today. This is why we are proud members of the American Grass-fed Association. We believe in total transparency and want to ensure you are receiving a premium grass-fed product - "Because only the best will do."


Don’t Take Our Word For It 

Thank you for your help in getting us this AMAZING beef! Finding a source that is certified 100% grassfed is something we’re very passionate about!
— A.H. Austin, TX
If possible, we would rate BSAK Ranch and their products five stars.  The beef is superb, expertly processed, and the staff are fantastic for receiving, producing, and delivering orders.  We are so pleased to have their beef as part of our Farm-To-Table Organic Market!  Would highly recommend to all! 
— Silk M. Brackettville, TX
Finding a good source of ‘certified’ grass fed products can be hard in San Angelo, TX. But when I found BSAK Ranch, I was able to place and pick up my order with ease and with no confusion. BSAK Ranch offers a great product that compliments my Ketogenic lifestyle. Making bone broth out of grass fed cows is very important to my nutrition and gut health and knowing the products are ‘certified’
grass-fed is very important for me.
— Martin M. San Angelo, TX
“My husband and I purchased a brisket from BSAK Ranch and we thought it was so moist and juicy. I am not a fan of brisket but this one made me a believer. My husband smoked it for 8 hours at 225 degrees. We enjoyed the grass-fed brisket so much we purchased the Rib-eye and New York Strip steaks to enjoy with my son and daughter-in-law. We were not disappointed! Great taste and very juicy. We would highly recommend buying your grass-fed beef from BSAK Ranch!”
— Suzy L. Lohn, TX
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100% Grassfed • Total Transparency • Only the best will do