From our Farm, To your table

All of our animals are born and raised on American Family Farms. They are fed only grass and forage from weaning until harvest. Our animals are raised on pasture without confinement to feedlots. We never treat our animals with antibiotics or growth hormones.

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Ground beef

Taste-tested, customer approved! Our 100% grass-fed ground beef is a hot seller. (Comes in individual 1lb. packages) Our ground beef is a blend of the round, chuck, brisket and trim from quality beef cuts yielding a delicious product

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Convenient and ready-to-cook, these year-round favorites are great when grilled, broiled or skillet-cooked. Serve as individual steaks or slice for salads, sandwiches or wraps.

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Roasts are cut from the well-developed, heavily- exercised muscles from the forequarter and hindquarter. These large, round or loaf-shaped boneless cuts require braising-- moist heat cooking to tenderize.

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Short Ribs

Short ribs are cut from the rib and plate primal and a small corner of the square-cut chuck. Greated for barbecuing and braising.

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Soup Bones

The oxtail is a gelatin-rich meat, cut into sections. Each section includes portions of meat, tailbone with marrow in the center and is best used for stocks, soups, and braises.

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Organ Meat

Liver is a nutritional powerhouse and is packed with important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, K, B12, and folate acid along with minerals such as copper and iron.